A genetic secret lurks in America’s favorite snack

Different types of popcorn illustrate some of the genomic diversity found in a University of Illinois study.  The findings could facilitate future breeding efforts to create tastier, easier-to-grow versions of America's favorite snack.

URBAN, Ill. — Popcorn, a seemingly simple snack, holds a hidden world of genetic diversity, according to researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The study, led by agricultural science researchers, explored the genetic code of popcorn and uncovered a wealth of untapped secrets that could have implications for both consumers and the agricultural industry. … Read more

Works of Fire: America’s Best Cannabis for July 4, 2023

Pack the Yeti Daytrip with some fresh flowers, pre-rolls and hash – the long summer weekends are here. Fireworks this 4th of July commemorate hard-won freedoms old and new. Maryland has just started selling cannabis for adults. Minnesota would soon follow making it 23 legalization states and more than 40 medical states. Dispensaries are opening … Read more