Lee Priest claims to remove unnecessary divisions and endorses Arnold Schwarzenegger on Chris Bumstead – Fitness Volt

Lee Priest

Of Australia Lee Priest has turned into an expert bodybuilding source since the days of competitions. In a recent YouTube video by RxMuscle, Priest urged removing unnecessary splits in bodybuilding and picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to defeat Chris Bumstead in a fantasy match. Lee Priest made a name for himself with impressive muscle mass, size and … Read more

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the latest fitness influencer? Let’s take a look

bench press with barbell

While bodybuilding enthusiasts may have something to say about Arnold’s status as the greatest iron pumper of all time, there’s no question that to the casual observer, Schwarzenegger is by far the most infamous bodybuilder to walk the Earth. . The impact The Austrian Oak has had on the entire fitness world cannot be underestimated. … Read more

Nutrition expert who worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James eats sugary baby cereal and says you should too

a close up of milk being poured into a bowl of frosted flakes

Foods like sugary cereals can be a beneficial part of your diet if they make it easier to stick to over time.Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty Images Depriving yourself of treats is a major reason diets fail, according to a leading nutrition consultant. Avoid the cycle of restrictions and guilt by making room to eat things you really … Read more