4 immediate steps that can help you when you are having a panic attack


Mirchi Updated: 20 hours ago Follow Experience a panic attack can be an overwhelming and distressing experience, but there are immediate steps you can take to manage symptoms and regain a sense of calm. From practicing deep breathing techniques to engaging in mindfulness and muscle relaxation exercises, there are strategies that can provide relief during … Read more

Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith lashed out at online attack on women’s mental health

Conservative MP Brendan Clarke-Smith standing in blue suit and tie against gray background

Conservative MP sentenced for unsolicited attack on woman’s mental health (UK Parliament) A Tory MP has been widely criticized for a tweet attacking a woman after she thanked the Samaritans for offering mental health support at Glastonbury. Brendan Clarke-Smith has lashed out at political commentator Tan Smith, who calls himself Supertanskiiii on Twitter, calling her … Read more