The only 2 chest exercises you ever need to build muscle BOSTROX

How to reduce chest fat The real reason your pecs aren't growing Chest solution for getting defined pecs

Check out the only 2 chest exercises you ever need for muscle mass. If someone were to inform you that there are only two essential exercises for a chest workout, they would definitely get your attention. This is exactly what Jeff Cavaliere claims. Jeff Cavaliere was the head physical therapist for the New York Mets … Read more

7 strength exercises for women to melt belly fat after 30

woman doing squats, strength exercises concept for women to get fit and lean

It’s time to address a nagging problem that many women encounter after they hit their 30s: hanging belly fat. This stubborn extra padding around your midsection can greatly affect your confidence and self-image, keeping you from feeling your absolute best. Fortunately, we spoke with Rose McNulty, CPTNASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with Garage Gym … Read more

Dorian Yates shares his favorite exercises for longevity: Fitness Volt

Dorian Yates

Legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates he carried his passion for training into his later years. The six-time Mr. Olympia continues to lead a healthy lifestyle after stepping away from professional competition years ago. In a recent Instagram post, Yates shared some of his favorite longevity exercises. Dorian Yates rose to prominence for his immense muscle mass, … Read more

You can do push-pull exercises on leg day as well

push pull legs workout bulgarian split squat

You hear the term push-pull training and you probably think of upper-body workouts where you replace pushing exercises, such as push-ups and bench presses, with pulling movements, such as chin-ups and dumbbell rows. But the time-efficient structure of a push-pull workout can (and should) also apply to leg day, says Dane Miklaus, CSCS, founder of … Read more

The 5 longevity exercises recommended by a physical therapist to keep you strong and pain-free as you ageNo equipment required

Split squat isometric grip

Noewton was onto something (beyond pure physics) with the whole thing of a moving body staying in motion. Longevity experts are clear: If you’re hoping to limit aches and pains as you age, staying active now is key. But that doesn’t necessarily mean putting your body through grueling workout after grueling workout—in fact, it’s far … Read more

STOP THE BENCH! 3 best flat bench press exercises for muscle growth BOSROX

STOP THE BENCH!  3 best flat bench press exercises for muscle growth BOSROX

Check out these 3 chest exercises better than bench press for muscle growth! If you want to add variety to your chest workout, you’ve come to the right page. The bench press is widely hailed as the ultimate exercise for chest development. It effectively targets all areas of the pectoral muscles and allows for progressive … Read more