How to deadhead coneflowers – expert advice for a longer lasting floral display

Q: I planted several new coneflowers (echinacea) in my garden this year as part of a drought-tolerant prairie-garden program. They have started to bloom and are beautiful, but I wonder what to do when the flowers fade. Should I deadhead them, and if so, what’s the best approach? A: Dead plants are beneficial in more … Read more

How many types of narcissists are there? A psychology expert sets the record straight

The conversation

Our interest in narcissism has never been higher, with Google searches for the word narcissist increasing steadily over the past decade. This term has become part of everyday parlance, readily used to describe celebrities, politicians and ex-partners. A byproduct of our growing interest in narcissism is curiosity about what kinds of narcissists exist. But this … Read more

How to optimize your diet, sleep and fitness, according to a longevity expert

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Pietro Attia had a problem. It was 2006. He had just graduated from Stanford medical school and was completing a prestigious surgical residency at Johns Hopkins, but instead of celebrating his success, he was wracked with frustrations. The medical establishment, it seemed to him, was stubbornly resistant to change and innovation; doctors could easily diagnose … Read more

TikTok Debunked: Does Running Cause Premature Aging? We asked an expert

Two male friends running in public park TikTok

Welcome to TikTok unmaskeda new series in which Yahoo Canada digs into the truth behind popular TikTok health, beauty and food trends. On TikTok, plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber went viral for claiming that long-distance running allegedly causes premature aging. But it’s true? (Photo via Getty Images) This article is for informational purposes only and … Read more

Nutrition expert who worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James eats sugary baby cereal and says you should too

a close up of milk being poured into a bowl of frosted flakes

Foods like sugary cereals can be a beneficial part of your diet if they make it easier to stick to over time.Aleksandr Zubkov/Getty Images Depriving yourself of treats is a major reason diets fail, according to a leading nutrition consultant. Avoid the cycle of restrictions and guilt by making room to eat things you really … Read more

Ask the expert: How can the Chignik earthquake in Alaska help predict future risk?

The graphic shows how GPS satellites in the sky send signals to a floating platform (about the size of a large surfboard) that sends and receives signals from transponders on the ocean floor to study earthquakes on the ocean floor.

“Ask the Expert” articles provide information and insights from MSU scientists, researchers, and scholars on national and global issues, complex research, and topics of general interest based on their areas of academic expertise and study. They may contain historical information, background, research results or offer suggestions. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of the tectonic … Read more