Study: Intermittent fasting may not be better than counting calories for weight loss

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Research has found that people lost the same amount of weight on an intermittent fasting diet as they did on a calorie counting diet. People in both groups were able to maintain weight after one year. Nutritionists say there are a few factors to consider when choosing one over the other. Intermittent fasting has been … Read more

Weight Loss: Intermittent Fasting or More Effective Calorie Counting?

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Share on PinterestNew research sheds light on the effectiveness of intermittent fasting versus calorie counting for weight loss. AsiaVision/Getty Images Both intermittent fasting and calorie counting are popular ways to lose weight. Some prefer intermittent fasting to calorie counting since it’s easier to follow. However, it’s unclear whether both are equally effective in the long … Read more