Experimental probiotic could detoxify mercury from diet

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Share on PinterestAn experimental probiotic could help detoxify mercury, which often contaminates fish, in the gut. Image credit: Courtney Rust/Stocksy. Mercury from the environment can enter the food chain and cause health problems for humans, especially for developing fetuses and children. Mercury is more absorbable in the intestine in some forms than others. Recently researchers … Read more

Depression: Probiotic supplements can help reduce symptoms

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Share on PinterestProbiotics may aid the effectiveness of mental health treatments, according to new research. FreshSplash/Getty images New research has shown that people with major depressive disorder who took probiotic supplements alongside standard antidepressant medications had reduced symptoms. The findings suggest that probiotic supplementation could help adults with depression as a complementary therapy, but more … Read more

The 6 probiotic drinks according to one dietitian will have a very real (and very positive) impact on your digestive system

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jIs it just us, or does it seem like the days of local markets stocked solely with traditional drink options, soda, chocolate milk, some shade of Gatorade, are forever gone? These days, we can find a huge range of brightly colored bottles and cans from small and large businesses. Some even offer health benefits beyond … Read more