Biden takes aim at Trump’s health care policy


Friday already?! Here’s what we’re looking at as we prepare for lawmakers to return to Washington next week. Biden moves to limit ‘junk insurance’ President Joe Biden on Friday proposed a series of initiatives intended to reduce health care costs, including new restrictions on short-term insurance plans that critics are calling “junk” because they can … Read more

Elon Musk Takes Ketamine To Manage Depression, Report Says | Psychedelic spotlight

says Elon Musk "Depression is overdiagnosed in the United States, but for some people, it's really a brain chemistry problem."

The fact that executives often take psychedelics to “turn on, tune in and quit” is old news. Reports that the houses of Facebook, Apple, Google, and Twitter are swimming with Type-A professionals who are actively looking to expand their minds, boost creativity, and leapfrog the competition microdosed magic mushrooms and LSD were part of what … Read more