State market would improve access to health care | Arizona Capitol Times

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Gov. Katie Hobbs demonstrated her political acumen during her recent showdown with the Republican-controlled legislature to pass an $18 billion bipartisan budget. She worked diligently with both sides to negotiate a deal that addressed some of the state’s greatest needs, especially affordable housing, infrastructure, and expanding health insurance for children. While these articles will have … Read more

Probiotics for Women May Help Manage Menopause Symptoms Here’s everything you need to know

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Image:Kseniya Ovchinnikova/Getty Images If you hear the word germs, chances are the first ones that come to mind are the ones that make you sick. But not all germs are bad. There are trillions of so-called germs living symbiotically with humans inside your gut. What we’ve learned over the years is that there’s a lot … Read more

7 strength exercises for women to melt belly fat after 30

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It’s time to address a nagging problem that many women encounter after they hit their 30s: hanging belly fat. This stubborn extra padding around your midsection can greatly affect your confidence and self-image, keeping you from feeling your absolute best. Fortunately, we spoke with Rose McNulty, CPTNASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with Garage Gym … Read more

5 strength exercises women should do every day to stay fit

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If you’re wondering how strength training can improve your fitness, health, and overall lifestyle, listen up. Aerobic exercise can play a vital role in keeping you fit, but don’t make any favorites and sleep on the benefits of strength training. Whether you want to melt body fat, firm your tummy, sculpt lean muscle, or all … Read more

“I am a doctor and these are the daily vitamins I recommend for women”

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There are many factors involved in eating a healthy and complete diet, including vitamin intake. Our bodies rely on an array of vitamins and nutrients for everything from boosting the immune system to bone health. But it’s hard to know which ones you need. In fact, many patients ask me, “What vitamins should women take … Read more